Welcome to the Kalaoa Gardens Palms Nursery

Nothing evokes the feeling and allure of the tropics like palms, and yet of the 2600 species of palms, we normally see only twelve or so commonly used palms in Hawaiian gardens and commercial projects. We are dedicated to growing palms that go beyond this well-known palm palette and offering quality, sun-hardened container grown palms ready for planting.

The Price List plant inventory is updated every two weeks to maintain accuracy. The list can be printed page by page. We suggest choosing “Grayscale” (to conserve color ink) and then printing "Pages from 1 to 1" (to conserve paper). If you know the genus of palm you are looking for, choose “Palms” as a Search Category. The Sub Categories will be all the genera on the list. If you only have the Common Name for the palm you are looking for, go to the “About Palms” Page to see a list of Common Names and the botanical name (the genus and species) for each. If you have any confusion about searching, feel free to call our office anytime at 808.325.6251.

If you choose Cycads, Bamboo or Other Plant as a Category, go straight to Search to see those plants. By choosing Category and Sub Category, all available plants will be listed.

Landscapers, landscape architects or designers and plant brokers will receive a 10% discount on all listed prices.

Note: When a plant shows a price of $0.00, this means that the plant will be available soon but is not yet ready for sale.

Palm Catalog: This page contains descriptions of every palm we sell. You may not find posted photos of every palm yet, but we are working to provide photos of each palm listed in the Catalog.

About Palms: This page is a source of useful information about palms for landscapers, home owners, designers and palm enthusiasts. Check back to this page in the future to see what has been added. Here you will find lists of shade or salt tolerant palms, botanical and common names of palms, and other useful information. We hope you enjoy reading about palms that may not be familiar to you.

Grower’s Choice" This page will highlight a specific plant chosen by Garrett for your consideration. Check back here often to see the current information and possible discount on the chosen plant.

Contact Us: Go here for information on how to reach us. You may contact us by phone or e-mail.